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Fast & Accurate  + Real-Time 

An Intelligent AI App for comprehensive Growth Care from

Infancy till Childhood

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Malnutrition Assessment and Action Plan

Efficiently tab Nutrition and Growth of infants and young children with our advanced Monitoring system


01. Fast & Accurate

Our fast, accurate, and reliable proprietary algorithm calculates height and correlates it with WHO metrics that are specifically designed for the Indian population. The algorithm then correlates the height measurement with diet and nutrition to suggest an action plan that mitigates the damage of undernutrition

02. Cost-Effective

Our App is being built keeping in mind the low resource setting of rural India and a step towards empowering the Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA aand Anganwadi workers

03. Centralised Reporting

The application is connected to a cloud-based server where instantly the image is analyzed and reported. Reports and Analysis can be generated through our formulas and WHO recommended metrics for calculation and will predict and suggest nutritional deficit, probable deformities, abnormalities etc.

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Measurement at your FINGERTIPS

Maap AI is able to provide Accurate, Geo-tagged Length or Height Measurements from a Single Photograph generated by our smartphone-based Anthropometry Technology

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Regular height and weight assessments are not always performed due to economic and cultural constraints, leading to undetected nutritional deficiencies. This issue poses a significant public health challenge in India and around the world.

Proper maternal nutrition is crucial for the development of children, and tracking metrics such as wasting, stunting, and undernutrition during the 1000-day window of opportunity can help identify these issues. Read more


Early reporting and interventions, coupled with regular counseling, can be facilitated by involving all stakeholders and lead to more seamless healthcare delivery.

At Maap we are building most comprehensive App for Nutrition Deficiency Identification, Monitoring so that timely corrective Actions can take place


We aspire to become the foremost provider of Innovative and Transformative healthcare solutions for underserved populations, with a particular emphasis on Children

Bringing Care closer to Home

Improve Infant and Children Health Outcomes by focusing on Growth Monitoring and Nutrition 


right to food

SDGs we Impact



Maap is revolutionizing Maternal and Child Nutrition.

Our app empowers individuals and healthcare professionals to take timely and effective corrective actions by providing unparalleled insights into diet, growth, food deficiencies and their impact on health outcomes. With Maap, you can make informed decisions about your health and well-being. Our AI technology can help governments redefine investments in nutrition programs, monitor and evaluate progress, and empower rural women through job creation.

We are aiming for an impact that spans across generations. Read More

Join us on our mission towards a healthier future.

Use Cases

Maap AI App is in alignment with the National policies such as Poshan 2.0, Suposhit Bharat and other targeted Maternal and Child Health Programs of the Center and State Departments 

Our algorithms are Proprietary and have been developed in-house

using scientific calculations and trained data.

App Use

As a Monitoring Tool by Parents, Caregivers, Healthcare Workers and the Government


Algorithms connected to Poshan Tracker to build Effective and Robust Monitoring Programs

Tool Kit Development

Global Nutrition Target Tracking Tool


About Us

As a startup focused on Social Impact and Sustainability, we are passionate about Metrics that can be improved by providing Deep-Tech Solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence.


Our team is proficient in Camera Vision, Machine Learning, and NLP.

We have been honored with several awards for our solution and have also received small grants.

Meet the Team

Maap team comprises of Experienced and Diverse professionals who share a common goal to make every Child in India Healthy



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The Glenmark Nutrition Awards 2024
The Glenmark Nutrition Awards 2024
Maap win
Finalist Instagram & Facebook1
UN Nutrition at UNGA 78
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