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RevolutionAIze Secures Prestigious HDFC Parivartan Grant: A Milestone in the MAAP Journey

RevolutionAIze Pvt Ltd has been awarded the esteemed HDFC Parivartan Grant as part of the StartUp Grants 2024 program in a momentous stride towards social impact and innovation. This grant, facilitated by HDFC Bank CSR, aims to foster social development in India by supporting emerging startups dedicated to creating positive change in the social space.

Among the selected winning startups through IITM's HTIC MedTech Incubator, RevolutionAIze stands proud alongside other impactful ventures, including Sabera Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., FemiCura Health Tech Pvt Ltd, and Zensit Smart Products Private Limited.

MAAP (Malnutrition Assessment and Action Plan) stands as a beacon of innovation in addressing malnutrition, particularly among vulnerable populations. By harnessing advanced AI technology, MAAP offers a comprehensive platform for assessing, monitoring, and addressing malnutrition, empowering healthcare workers with precise early detection and intervention tools.

The HDFC Parivartan Grant presents a unique opportunity for RevolutionAIze to further enhance MAAP's capabilities and impact in combating malnutrition. This grant will fuel the ongoing efforts to refine and scale MAAP, ensuring greater accessibility and effectiveness in addressing malnutrition among marginalized communities.

RevolutionAIze's selection for the HDFC Parivartan Grant underscores the transformative potential of startups in driving social change and empowerment. Through collaboration with esteemed partners and stakeholders, RevolutionAIze is poised to make meaningful contributions towards creating a healthier and more equitable society.

As RevolutionAIze embarks on this new chapter with the HDFC Parivartan Grant, the team extends heartfelt gratitude to all supporters, mentors, and collaborators who have been instrumental in their journey thus far. Together, we can create a brighter future where everyone has access to quality healthcare and nutrition.

About RevolutionAIze:

RevolutionAIze Pvt Ltd is a pioneering tech startup dedicated to leveraging innovation and technology to address pressing healthcare challenges. Through groundbreaking solutions like MAAP (Malnutrition Assessment and Action Plan), RevolutionAIze is committed to revolutionising healthcare and improving outcomes for vulnerable populations.

About HDFC Parivartan Grant:

The HDFC Parivartan Grant, facilitated by HDFC Bank CSR, aims to empower emerging startups dedicated to creating positive social impact. Through financial support and mentorship, the grant enables startups like RevolutionAIze to scale their innovative solutions and contribute towards social development in India.



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